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Trend Savvy Pop Up Shop


Trend Savvy is a movement to innovate culture with kingdom principles. We aim to change street fashion by creating collections with biblical messages, these collections are available to be bought directly from our website. Our designs have been designed to spark faith-based conversations, one may call it fashion evangelism. All our designs have been inspired by the bible, from the old testament to new, we believe that these biblical principles and messages need to be passed on to generations.

Trend Savvy believes that when popular culture grasps kingdom principles the world will be changed. Trend Savvy Limited was legally registered in company house in 2016.

Trend Savvy encourages consumers to innovate and create because there is power in sharing and story-telling whether that is through Design, Photography, Videography, Drama, Writing or Music. There is a story that our generation needs to hear and that is the Gospel.
We believe that apart of Kingdom culture is Stewardship, we use fair business practices and we are a carbon-neutral company manufacturing ethically. Our print process is 100% non-toxic and produces no harmful waste, we reduce, recycle or reuse all we can, and offset those emissions we can't.

Founded by Oluseyitan Ojedokun  ("Seyi") at the tender age of 17, a woman with a vision to positively inspire the world through fashion. It was not until the age of 18 at the University of Lincoln where she found her focal point and friends to help assist the vision. Initially Trend Savvy started as a blog shop, displaying looks styled by Seyi that people could buy. However, Seyi did not have peace about where the clothing was sourced from and researched into fast fashion production. From her research she found that a lot of the wholesalers used unfair and unethical trading practices, Seyi decided that as a Christian business owner it was not okay to sell such clothing so she would create her own line. 
In her pursuit to create her own line Seyi knew she needed to do her research and acquire funding. Hopeful and optimistic she applied for O2’s Go Think Big Funding, where she had to pitch her idea to be approved by a panel, sadly she did not acquire the funding. Disappointed and frustrated Seyi took a break and on her break she believes that she heard from God to simplify her idea, so she went back to the drawing board. When on a Youth retreat with her church at the time Heart Church she learn’t about the different Hebrew names of God, she was then inspired to make them into t-shirts with designs that easily depicted them for her peers.
Trend Savvy Team
When Seyi went back to her second year of University she connected and linked up with other Christian creatives within her university to bring the Trend Savvy Vision to light. Some of her friends that supported her at the time were Saron Soloman, Media student and now Photographer of Live with Love. Timi Oyelude, Engineering student at the time and now American Photographer and Videographer of Khulula Productions. In addition to Jessica Emovan, a media student at the time and now London Based Photographer. Also Deborah Owusu, PR student at the time and now working for a PR Agency helped Pitch PR ideas. Last but not least, Seyi friends supported her by modeling and helping out in shoots.
Since launching Trend Savvy in 2018, the brand has been featured in Gospel Hydration and held a popup shop event at Rough Trade Nottingham. The brand has also been featured by various influences such as YouTubers Ehis Iiozobhie, xSoulbeautyx and singers Becca Folkes & Called Out Music.
The vision of Trend Savvy is to innovate culture with Kingdom principles and we intend to do this by encouraging Christians to create, whether that be through Design, Photography, Videography, Drama, Writing or Music.